McNally, she said, was now taking steps “to deal with the

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iphone 7 case At Kilmarnock Sheriff Court last week, Michael McNally was jailed for two months after pleading guilty to committing the offence in August.But, as he is already serving a sentence, the new term will have no effect on the time he spends in jail.The court was told that McNally was being processed at the prison after being recalled to serve a sentence.He activated a security system which can detect mobile phones.McNally admitted to prison staff that he had phones and a charger.East Ayrshire Council give the green light to new housing fundingSheriff Elizabeth McFarlane was told: “They then allowed him to go to the toilet area.”He removed two mobile phones and a charger which had been secreted in his back passage.”McNally wasn’t cautioned and charged at the time, but was told the matter would be reported to the police.An agent for the accused said that her client was serving a sentence with an earliest date of release of August next year.”There is not a huge amount I can do,” remarked Sheriff McFarlane.McNally’s lawyer said that he had been at liberty for a short period of time.His mother had “sadly passed away” during his last sentence and, on his release iphone case, he was “struggling” to deal with matters.She said: “He made the stupid decision to attempt to take these items into custody.Ayrshire College set to improve support needs of staff and students with new mental health advisor”He offers no excuse for his behaviour.”McNally, said the solicitor, had already been punished within the prison system. He had been placed in segregation for six days, his wages had been deducted for six weeks and his privileges had been withdrawn.McNally, she said, was now taking steps “to deal with the issues he was facing”.Imposing the two month term, Sheriff McFarlane told the accused: “I can’t extend your sentence. I’m not allowed to.”. iphone 7 case

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